Smart Rules of Washing Motorcycle

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Cleaning motorcycle is a hassle as it takes a lot of time especially when you are very busy. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Wash your motorcycle in a shaded area so as not to let the soap dry too quickly, as it may lead to increase the probability of streaks and water spots.
  2. Before you wash them, make sure your engine is cooled down.
  3. Make sure you use the right quality products for your bike.

Let’s talk about this in more details:

Every time start from the top of your motorcycle and then work down. The best way to start washing your bike is dip a soft cotton towel in a bucket of cool water, and wipe it all over the body of your motorcycle. Ensure that the solution you are using is right for the surface that you are using it on so that your bike does not cause any damage. After washing them make sure you should dry it as soon as possible.

As it is very important to have all things before you wash your motorcycle, because it make spoil the design of your bike, and the paint might get scratched. You should wash it frequently, but don’t over wash it. Keep away from sunlight as color gets fade away. Avoid using bad quality cleaners.

If you are looking for a mantra for washing bikes, learn it step by step:

  1. Pair it up
  2. Soap it up
  3. Clean the wheels
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry chain
  6. Apply lube
  7. Dry bike

Checklist: How to Wash Motorcycle

Buy Authentic Cleaners

Using just any auto cleaner isn’t the good idea. Market is full of auto cleaners and therefore making a wise decision isn’t easy. So to make it easy for you, we recommend Bad Ass Motorcycle and Auto Cleaner. Trust there is a reason why it is called bad ass. It is one of the best quality cleaners and will never disappoint your satisfaction. You can get it at $12 which is quite reasonable as per the quality standards. For more information, visit Bad Ass Spray Cleaners.

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Pick Suitable Brushes and Sponges

Many of the brushes are designed for the different areas like spooked wheels. For that wherever your hand cannot be reached, you can use the right brush to rub the dirt out of them, as the dirt are stuck inside then it may cause to break fails. As your chain will get stuck on it, and will stop running smoothly. It is very important to use the soft sponge for your bike, so that your paints do not peel off and spoil the look.

Wash at Home

It is better way to wash your bike at home, rather than giving outside for wash. As outside they charge you a lot of money and leave you unsatisfied. Instead of that, save your money and get a better wash at home by you. They don’t even wash it properly and clean it roughly. While at home you can get all the inner parts cleaned as well and get satisfied with it.

Do not Forget to Dry your Bike Properly

Always use a well squeezed micro fibre cloth to dry off your bike completely. Then go for a quick ride to blow water out of deep nooks and crannies. Though, it can be done using a leaf blower as well. Don’t forget to get rid of streaks on the windscreen and bodywork caused by excess water. After completing the drying process, ride your bike slowly around the area by applying the brakes so that the excess water gets pump out.

Use Wax with Care

Put the wax on a cleaning cloth not the bodywork. This is one of the most terrible mistake people do. Moreover, Rub off the wax on the bodywork only after it get completely dried. Waxing your bike will make your motorcycle look like brand new if done carefully. Don’t use cutting compounds as they leave permanent churns in the body parts. It is important as some modern bikes are actually using a layer of plastic on auto parts that can be easily damaged. Make sure you use the good and right quality.

Use an Approved Protectant

Vinyl and leather are the most common fabrics used for making motorcycle seats. They are quite tough as per the nature of the seats, but they start fading over time. Use some authentic protectant to halt your future problems. Please never make the mistake of using detergents on leather. Leather seats are more delicate and can be damaged by just one detergent wash. Protectant for leather’s can be found at any auto or motorcycle supply store.

Final note: You should at least wash your bike once in a week, so that it can run smoothly. Most of you over washes it as well but that is not the right way.

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